In 1962 I got very sick and ended up in the hospital with severe stomach aches. I was 23 years old and was diagnosed with Krohns disease, or terminal eleitis. At that time they did not know much about this disease and few survived ten years after it was diagnosed. They did surgery, which I was told saved my life and removed 4 1/2 feet of the intestines. Krohns disease is extremely painful and for years I would never go anywhere without my purse of pain killers. It did not take long and my health slowly deteriorated and one doctor gave me 2 years to live. Krohns disease is really an allergy for foods, unfortunately in my case for most dairy products, but I did not know that then nor did the doctors.

It took me many years of studying everything about food, vitamins, enzymes, etc. to learn THAT YOU TRULY ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Like a good car, you cannot run well for long on cheap gasoline. So gradually I have learned to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, whole grain breads, cheese made from raw milk, yogurt, et. But even with an excellent diet, the raw materials still are not like they used to be due to over processing, chemical fertilizers and spray, overused soils, and produce picked early and ripening indoors. So you do need to supplement your diet and I have been doing so for over 30 years.

Every day I take Vitamin E, C, Carotenoids, Enzymes, a Protein drink and multiple vitamin tablet called Formula IV. Formula IV is a complete food supplement with TREEN-EN grain concentrates, an exclusive blend of whole grain lipid and sterol extracts from wheat, rice, and soy. Neolife, a world renowned vitamin company, started with this Formula IV, an exclusive patented formula, 35 years ago. I highly recommend Neolife's products and use them exclusively for both my dogs and myself.

If you are interested in understanding nutrition, I will be happy to loan you videos and audio cassettes about preventing arthritis (read hip dysplasia in dogs), heart attacks, cancer, etc. The same applies to dogs or people. You must go back to nature. After all, dogs survived on raw meat (read kill prey) for millions of years. It has only been in the last 30 years that they have been eating dry, processed food out of a bag.

So if you would like me to help you build good health and a strong immune system in yourself and your dog, please feel free to call or write. I truly would like to help.