1.) A 30 Minute Introduction to Skansen Kennel

30 MINUTE VIDEO * Price $10.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
We are making this video available to you at cost to give you an opportunity to see 3 studdogs, where your pup is raised, how he will look in size when he leaves here and how easy he is to train. This video is also available as a loaner -- just send $4.00 for shipping.

2.) A Visit to Skansen Kennel

2 HOUR DVD VIDEO * Price $25.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
Lots of pups playing, No. 1 obedience dog working, short lesson in grooming and ear taping, how to show your dog, old dogs. A 2-hour sight seeing trip of our ranch.

3.) How to Strip, Clip & Tape Ears

2 HOUR DVD VIDEO * Price $25.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
You will see 4 different dogs groomed. Basic grooming for your pet, so you can do it yourself, plus helping the novice handler get his show pup ready. Also complete stripping of a show dog, how and where to strip, as well as proper raking of a show coat. A good start for the novice groomer.

4.) Champion Schnauzer Stud Dogs at Skansen Kennel 1988

2 HOUR VHS VIDEO * Price $30.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
You will see 16 Giants, 4 Standards and 4 Minis, one of them most likely the sire or grandsire of your new pup. This video is for those of you interested in showing and breeding Giants, and also for those interested in becoming acquainted with your dog’s past generations.

5.) Odds & Ends About Schnauzers

2 HOUR DVD VIDEO * Price $25.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
You'll love this one as it will show you all those little things you’ve always wondered about, like how to teach your dog to BAIT in the show ring, how to train him to like and use a crate, five different ways of exercising your Giant, correction taping of cropped ears and many, many more things. Also ten minutes of CH. SKANSEN'S I HAVE A DREAM, the number one male Giant in breed history.

6.) The Pepper & Salt Giant Schnauzer at Skansen Kennel

2 HOUR DVD VIDEO * Price $25.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
This will show you 14 P/S adult Giants from all over the world -- imported by us. Among them, the No.1 P/S worldwide, CH. FAUST VAN DE HAVENSTAD. You will follow 2 pups from birth to 4 months. We'll show you how we grade our pups etc. A must if you are considering getting a P/S Giant, or if you already have one or two around the house.

7.) Advanced Grooming Video

2 HOUR DVD VIDEO * Price $25.00 + $ 5.00 shipping
Preparing your dog for show: shaping legs, eyebrows, underline, etc. A must for show dogs. By top groomer Maryann Bisceglia.

8.) 1992 Stud Dog Video

35 MINUTE DVD VIDEO * Price $ 10.00 + $ 5.00 shipping

Studdogs presently used at Skansen like MOZART, MAGNETIC STORM, DREAMBOAT, SIEGER, RAJA, LUCAS, NAIROBI, NELSON, TEXAS TORNADO as well as two Standards: INGMAR and MARABOU, and our three Mini's KNUT, MAC and OPUS.

9.) 2002 Stud Dog Video

1 HOUR DVD VIDEO * Price $10.00 + $5.00 shipping
This our 4th studdog video and you will see the following dogs on it: Giants—CH. Skansen’s Yakuza, CH. Skansen’s Youngblood, CH. Histyle’s Yogi Bear, CH. Skansen’s Xorro, CH. Skansen’s Vandriver “Victor”, CH. Skansen’s Xerox, Amer. & Can. CH. Skansen’s Water Under the Wings, CH. Washington, CH. Skansen’s Winds of War, CH. Skansen’s Winston Churchill, CH. Skansen’s Yo Yo Ma, Skansen’s Zion, Skansen’s Ziegfried. Standards—Brando Von Der Spitzenstadt, CH. Leader de Manso Pelegri, CH. Oscy-Dixie V.D. Vanenblikhoeve, CH. Sarco-Inoek V.D. Vanenblikhoeve, CH. Skansen’s Urban. Miniatures—Bishopstone Ralph, Skansen’s Roscoe, Thank You V.D. Havenstad, Skansen’s Yachtclub.



1.) The Giant Schnauzer in America by Sylvia Hammarstrom

The ONLY book about Giants in the English language *

A 400 page book with about 200 pictures. Written in an easy to read manner to give the novice schnauzer owner their own manual, as well as many entertaining stories. Information on most top show dogs in U.S.A. during 1980 - 1990. This is the 3rd edition.

2.) Keep Your Dog Healthy the Natural Way by Pat Lazarus 
Price $25.00 + $5.00 shipping

This is a book that I think should be required reading. It will tell you why you don’t need to vaccinate yearly – why feeding raw meat is far superior to processed food, etc.

3.) The Barf Diet by Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Price $23.00 + $5.00 shipping

This is Dr. Billinghurst’s latest effort and a more simplified version of Give Your Dog A Bone. This is an excellent book to help guide you in switching to raw food.

4) NATURAL IMMUNITY -- Why You Should NOT Vaccinate! by Pat McKay 
Price $14.95 + $5.00 shipping

I consider this book a must for all dog owners who truly want to keep their dogs healthy and understand exactly how this can be done.

CA residents must add Sales Tax